Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A table that I "Re-made" out of reclaimed wood

This started as my wife's great grandparents table. I can only assume it was used/worn out when they got it, as the put it in their cottage and used it for a "car eating" table. Its been through at least 3 major floods. At some point either before or after my wife's grandparents inherited it, the oak top was cut in half and a few wide fancy walnut planks were added as makeshift leaves to accommodate more people eating crabs. Someone had also decided that the table was loose and face screwed and bolted it to stiffen it up, and filled the holes with JB Weld epoxy. Ugh. I found some red oak planks that her grandfather had stashed in his basement before he passed a few years ago and set out to "fix" the table up a little now that my in-laws have inherited it.

Disassembly was a failure. The table was in awful shape. I started by trying to remove the legs so that i could transport it and everything went downhill from there. Mostly all I had left was firewood. My only option was to start over. I ripped the original top, the makeshift walnut leaves, and the stashed red oak into random width strips and joined them together on a plywood backer. Each strip was beveled on the edges and the entire top was painted blue, and then faced with a planer and sanded smooth to give it a more reclaimed look. I reinstalled the original legs in the same manner as i found them, and made a new skirt out of some leftover maple.

So four generations of handymen later this table is still being used for crab feasting, and hopefully it will be used for generations to come.