Friday, February 12, 2010

Gunstock Hardwood

All this snow has given me time to do a few things that I have been putting off. One of those things was to take pictures of a hardwood floor install that I did in January. Originally the Homeowners supplied their own hardwood flooring, as seen in the before pictures, and were going to go on vacation. The plan was for me to be done by the time that they got back. Unfortunately, the material they bought at the big box, was not the material that I recommended, and it had an inferior finish and way too many defects. I could scratch through the oxide coating and stain with my fingernail in 2 passes! The material was full of beetle holes, and there was no way that I was going to install it without the Homeowners' seeing what I described. After 2 days of phone calls and voicemails, to the Homeowners, big box, my suppliers, and manufacturers, we were able to return the "Mulligan" flooring for a full refund, and get much higher quality Bruce Dundee Gunstock 2 1/4" strip flooring for almost the same price. The Bruce flooring had almost no defects in 1100 sqft, so without the waste and cull, the Homeowners actually saved money, and paid less than my original estimate. I was able to complete the job the following week after they had returned home from vacation. Not the original plan, but I sure did appreciate the pot of coffee that they made for me every morning, and the fresh everything bagels with cream cheese. Hopefully they will have me back to install the stairs to their sunroom.